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Let my commitment ceremonies guide show you how special and different your ceremony can be...

Commitment ceremonies....

Are special occasions that celebrate the joining or union of two people.

It is a public statement that you have chosen each other above all others and wish to share the rest of your lives together as partners for life.

Can anybody make a commitment?

* Yes, same sex couples often choose to make a lifelong commitment.

* A heterosexual couple, who for personal reasons wish not to marry, may make a life long commitment to one another.

Same sex commitment ceremony.

Where local laws prohibit them from marrying, same sex couples may resort to having a commitment ceremony instead.

During this ceremony the officiant or celebrant must make it clear to all present, that does is not represent a legal marriage but it does represent a moral one.

Ceremonies for heterosexual couples .....

For personal reasons these couples don’t wish to marry but wish to make a sincere and lasting commitment to one another.

Often, older heterosexual couples, whether divorced or widowed may choose not to marry again, opting to have a commitment ceremony to mark their desire to spend the rest of their lives together.

Their reasoning in part, is often that by not marrying it will less complicate legal wills set in place years before that could involve children and property.

A ceremony, gives you the opportunity to .....

* Share your philosophy in approaching a commitment.

* Speak of your understanding of the meaning of ‘partners for life’.

* Share your values and beliefs.

* Share your vows of commitment with one another and with guests.

* Share your wishes, hopes and desires for one another .

* And for your future life together.

* Share your personal journey with your guests.

* State the reasons why you decided to make your commitment to one another.

* Say what you love most of all about one another.

* Prepare for your next phase of life.

What ceremony options do I have?

* To elope and have a very special, intimate ceremony.

* A very simple, sincere ceremony, involving the officiant or celebrant, you and your partner and just your immediate family and close friends.

* A larger, personalized ceremony, involving families, friends and children from a previous relationship perhaps.

* A spiritually rich ceremony, with acknowledgements and symbolic rituals, rich in meaning for both of you.

* A ceremony with a theme - this can flow through your entire celebration.

Things that make ceremonies, even more special....

* Giving a lot of thought to writing and personalizing your commitment vows.

* Your choice in readings and music is important, they continue to impart your feelings and thoughts to one another and can continue a theme. Music is powerfully emotive.

* Consider the addition of a traditional cultural ritual to acknowledge and honor your family ancestry. Adding a ritual can make your ceremony richer and more unique.

* Make the date chosen to celebrate your commitment to one another the anniversary of your first meeting.

* Choose a venue that has special significance for you both, the place of your first kiss or your proposal for example.

Commitment ceremonies....

* Provide opportunities for you to make a public statement of your lifelong commitment to one another.

* Gives you the opportunity to share your journey with your guests.

* Allow you to state the reasons why you decided to make your commitment.

* Allow you to share what you love most of all about one another.

* Give you the opportunity to share your hopes and desires for your future together.

* Help to prepare you for the next chapter in your lives.

Elizabeth has combined all these elements into an comprehensive yet easy-to-read report packed with ceremonies to give you inspiration and to encourage you to have input into your own ceremony. To see these commitment ceremony vows and ceremonies go to the Gay Commitment Digital Guide

Here is additional information on Commitment Vows !

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