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Commitment ceremony vows

Commitment ceremony vows..........

....what a happy occasion when two women or two men commit their lives to one another. And more especially so, when their respective families and community of friends give their blessing, ongoing love and support to the union.

The love in the air on these occasions is usually palpable.

The most poignant part of these moving celebrations has to be their commitment ceremony vows.

Vows of commitment.

* Vows are often the most memorable part of the ceremony.

* Vows are promises or pledges made by one person to another.

* Serve as a reminder to us of what we are doing.

* They are emotionally and spiritually binding.

* Help with the transition from being single to becoming a lifelong partner.

* Can be repeated after your celebrant or read to your partner.

* Can be read alternately.

* Can be the same or different.

* If written by yourself, are best read by you to your partner, face to face.

Your vows

* Can be romantic love promises.

* Can be spiritually inclined pledges to one another.

* Can be contemporary, more practical promises.

* Can be a poem or reading - read as vows.

* Can have an element of humor in them as well.

* Can include children.

* Can be original, written by you to your partner.

* Can be simple traditional promises.

Some examples of commitment ceremony vows

A particularly touching last verse of a reading was used by a same sex couple as part of their commitment vows........

“Take my hand. Come with me, together we’ll rise above the madness, to the heights of never, to the depths of never, we’ll crawl ’til we can walk, then we’ll walk ’til we can run. Then we’ll run ’til we can fly and we need never to come down! Three free souls – Yours, Mine and Ours.”
[From ~ "The Boiga King" Unknown author]

Contemporary vows
"Johnathan, you are my best friend and I love you.I promise from this day forward we will laugh and dream together, learn and share together, but most importantly we will unconditionally love and adore one another for eternity. I can't wait to see where our travels take us, and build a safe, happy and loving life together."

Traditional vows
“I call upon our family and friends here today, to witness, that I, Gaynor, take you, Samantha, as my lifetime partner.”

Romantic love vows
"Susie, I adore you and love you. We are about to embark on a journey of happiness, joy and self-discovery. It is you I choose to do this with. You entered my life many years ago as a treasured friend and now you join me as my life partner. I commit to love and care for you when times are great and when your heart is heavy, to laugh with you, to comfort you and hold you close where ever our travels take us. I promise to love you now and the rest of our lives together."

A combination of spiritual and contemporary vows.
"I give you my promise that from this day forward you shall not walk alone, May my heart be your shelter and my arms be your home. Together we walk into the future where we will share our hopes and dreams, May we conquer many more mountains and bathe in many more seas. I will always encourage you, support you and give you all of me, For I choose you to be the one with whom I will share my eternity".

Combination of humorous and contemporary vows.
"Today I choose you as my lifetime partner. I promise to share all that I am and all that I possess with you. I promise to support you and to love you unconditionally for as long as we shall live. I promise to walk with you every day and not to become a big fat lounge lizard!"

Your commitment ceremony vows,

* Are often the most memorable part of your ceremony.

* Are promises or pledges made by you to your partner and are emotionally and spiritually binding.

* Need not be the same and are best read to your partner, face to face.

* Help to prepare you for the next chapter of your lives.

If you are planning a commitment ceremony and are seeking quality information on your commitment vows Elizabeth's new & comprehensive digital report can help you. Her are filled with ideas and themes for you to copy, adapt or gain inspiration from. Her commitment ceremonies and vows guide are filled with ideas and themes for you to copy, adapt or gain inspiration from.

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