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Elopement is for every celebration - couple consider it for marriage, renewal of vows, commitment ceremonies etc....


Is to run away secretly with your lover, especially in order to marry!

By eloping, you trade the associated massively time consuming, organizing trials and tribulations, the stress, the inflated prices charged for weddings, for an exciting, romantic, unforgettable and very special experience. Getting married, but doing it your way.

Now more than ever couples consider elopement.

Its not the young, wild couples parodied in films and stories of the past running away together but responsible, successful, intelligent young couples....our sons and daughters! They often plan 6 to 12 months ahead.

A very large percentage of these couples have given the ceremonial act of marriage a lot of thought. They have considered a traditional ceremony but when they looked at the overall picture, their plans changed radically.

Why do couples consider eloping?

* You have decided that the act of getting married is about the two of you. Sure you understand that it also joins your two families and two communities of friends but the ceremonial act of getting married is about the two of you and your commitment to one another.

* From a purely practical point of view, eloping normally saves on expenses. The hideously expensive and inflated prices of wedding services are avoided.

* To avoid the stress of the actual planning part of a wedding.

* Unwanted family expectations are also avoided, for example, your aunties reading or singing or your doting mother being married again albeit vicariously.

* A change in societal attitudes has also contributed to the increase in eloping. Over 60 percent of marriages are now conducted by officiants and celebrants, many of which being eloping weddings.

* The days have long gone when the only place you could have a ceremony was at a registry office or town hall. Indeed, in many countries you can have an elopement wedding ceremony wherever and where ever you want.

* After the 'big wedding' first time round, many second marriages are now, no fuss, simple, sincere and meaningful elopement ceremonies with just two witnesses and the celebrant.

*Today, couples like you are time poor and this combined with one or more of the other factors drive you to choosing to elope. An arranged weekend away or holiday to get married seems infinitely more achievable to you, a young professional couple or busy couple working in your own business.

* The organization is minimal, with much of it being able to be accomplished electronically.

* There is an additional element of excitement in a romantic eloping wedding in a far away destination.

How to elope....

* Locate a ceremony venue.

* Locate an officiant or celebrant.

* Determine the legal documentation you require.

* Supply the documentation to your officiant.

* Secure your transport and accommodation bookings.

* Collaborate with your celebrant or officiant on your ceremony development and spend time writing your vows.

Your ceremony options.

* The legally required minimum ceremony with no real personal input at all.

* A traditional ceremony with a reading or two and traditional vows.

* A totally personalized ceremony including personally written vows where you have collaborated with the celebrant or officiant.

* A ceremony provided by the 'eloping destination' venue - you normally do have a choice of ceremonies.

* A themed ceremony within a themed celebration.

Where to elope to....

* In Australia couples are legally required to give one clear month notice like everyone else does to get married. It's a sort of 'cooling off' period, a good law in reality.

* In the USA laws vary from state to state. Zero to 6 days.

* England and Wales - 15 days.

* Scotland and Northern Ireland - 14 days.

*New Zealand - 3 days.

* If expenses are not a primary factor in choosing to elope, an exotic location may be your choice. It could still work out to be more cost effective in the long run.

* A venue that has particular importance for you both, for example, your favorite holiday spot, your 'first outing together' destination, the place of your first kiss or your marriage proposal.

Your eloping wedding can be shared.....

The ceremony need not start and stop with only you and your two witnesses.

Indeed, there is often a flurry of SMS's, phone photos and phone calls to families afterwards.

A celebratory gathering with family and friends is almost always arranged after you return home to share your wedding celebrations.

Do it your way....

It is possible to avoid the massively time consuming, organizing trials and tribulations, the stress and the inflated prices charged for weddings. An exciting, romantic, unforgettable and very special experience awaits you, getting married, but doing it your way by eloping!

Couples are considering elopement, to celebrate all kinds of ceremonies these days, not only to get married. If you are considering eloping to marry, here is further information to guide you.

What are your reasons for eloping? Less stress? less cost? or just a more intimate experience?

Here is additional information on eloping weddings!

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