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Funeral Ceremonies - the special report

Funeral ceremonies ............

Let me say quite simply that this unique guide contains much of the information you'll want to know about ceremonies. Its not a subject that we normally investigate until we actually need it......so I have a compiled a practical guide with insights to help you in your time of need.

So what's in my funeral ceremonies digital guide?

I explain what a ceremony actually does. I explain the differences between types of ceremonies. I give you 6 sample ceremonies to act as a guide, and additional readings.

What does the ceremony or service actually do?

* It says goodbye to a life once lived.

* Gives an authentic and personalized account of that life.

* It portrays the life of the deceased with substance, meaning and dignity.

* It gives an accepted place for people to grieve, to say goodbye and to celebrate the life of a loved one, a friend or colleague.

* It provides opportunities for family or friends to participate, to pay tribute.

* It allows for personalizing, painting or decorating a coffin by family and friends.

* Provides opportunities to write poetry, prose or a song to honor the deceased.

* Allows for reading of poetry or prose.

* Allows opportunities to write and or read part or all of the eulogy.

* Gives opportunity to pay tribute through a DVD presentation.

* Allows singing or playing an instrument as a tribute to the deceased.

* Allows opportunities to be a pall bearer/carry the coffin.

* Allows for lighting a candle of remembrance for [previously] deceased loved ones.

* Allows for releasing of doves, balloons or butterflies in remembrance.

* Allows for participation in a guard of honor to the deceased.

* Allows for a wake or function for family and guests to remember the deceased after the ceremony.

The differences between the ceremonies.....

The funeral ceremony or service will conclude with a cremation committal or a burial committal.

The burial committal is usually conducted at the graveside with the lowering of the coffin into the prepared grave. The congregation moves from the chapel to the graveside after the ceremony.

The cremation committal is conducted in the chapel at the conclusion of the ceremony with the coffin being lowered into a chamber below the chapel where it will await cremation.

A memorial ceremony is one that is held when no deceased person is present.

* They may have been buried or cremated privately prior to the memorial ceremony.

* The body may not be available due to, for example, being lost at sea, unrecoverable because of entombment, burnt, an explosion.

* The body may have been given to a learning institution to be used in a research program.

* Memorial ceremonies are often held some time after the death.

* They can be held in any location.

This information will go a long way to providing you with practical details and insights into what a funeral ceremony is all about at a time when you need it most.

To summarise.
My funeral ceremonies guidebook is packed with 6 complete, real, sample ceremonies for you to read, to copy or adapt ideas from; to add to your own ideas.

The digital version is instantly downloadable.
If you are ready to learn more about creating your own unique funeral ceremony please click on the secure Paypal button below for instant downloading. The download is only $15.95

My guarantee.......
Its simple, I will give you a full 90 days to evaluate this guide. If it does not help you in any way then I want you to have your investment back. Just email me and I will take care of it as quickly as I can.

Important note.
Once you have completed the payment through Paypal, please CLICK on the COMPLETE PURCHASE or RETURN TO MERCHANT Button on the LEFT HAND SIDE of the Paypal Payment page, and you will be directed to the dedicated download page. If you miss this step you will be unable to download the digital guide. If this happens you can contact me via my "Contact me Directly" navigation tab.

Further information.If you require any further information please do not hesistate to contact me. I welcome your input!

Who compiled this guide?
I'm Elizabeth Gray, an Australian celebrant. I've been a celebrant since I qualified in 2003. I have always found my work most rewarding, the serendipity being all the genuinely nice people I have met and worked with over the years. I have compiled my best ceremonies into comprehensive guides to help and inspire people just like you, at a time of need.

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