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Second wedding ceremonies from start to finish, your choices, options and more!

Second wedding ceremonies

A second marriage is a time for celebration.It is an important milestone in the life of many couples in today's society.

Couples marrying for a second (or more) time very often have children.

By celebrating with a ceremony that has substance, meaning, dignity and creativity, we help prepare the couple and the children for the next phase of their lives.

The Ceremony.

* The processional music
The music would be chosen by both of you, ideally, it should have a connection to both of you.

* The processional ......the arrival of the bride
The bride would be accompanied by her son, daughter, by a respected friend or the groom. [It's not often these days for the bride in her second marriage ceremony to be accompanied by her father]

* The introduction read by your officiant....
Speaks of your approach to marriage.Tells a little of your journey together. Can acknowledge your children.

It can also acknowledge a deceased sibling, your deceased parents or grandparents. May include lighting a candle in remembrance.

* Because you have each been married before,
the traditional 'giving the bride away' is commonly not observed in a second marriage ceremony. Instead, the marriage can be given blessings by all in attendance.

* It is still traditional for the groom and bride..
to ask one another "Will you marry me?" It is also a very poignant and emotional moment to hear each of you say, "I do"

* Your vows are arguably the most important part of your ceremony.

I urge you strongly to write your own vows. This will add immeasurably to the personalization of your ceremony. Your vows may also acknowledge your children, or your children may like to say their own vows.

* The exchange of wedding rings
Includes vows being said as your rings are placed on each other's fingers.

* Personally chosen background music..
...plays while documents are being signed. A friend may sing and play guitar for you

* Declaration of marriage is made by your officiant

* Your legal documents are signed
Your marriage certificate is presented to you

* Your officiant may bless your marriage

* You are then introduced to your guests as the new married couple

* The recessional music should again be reflective of your own choice

* Congratulations!

Second wedding ceremonies

#Legalities - check for what is required with your celebrant or officiant where you live.

# Additional opportunities for personalization of ceremonies, include....

* Family members and friends.....Do readings, sing or play an instrument, be a ring bearer, be in bridal party, be a bubble blower, help with flowers, take photos, be an usher, be the MC.

* Rituals - A blended family ritual....this ritual acknowledges children from each partner and symbolically welcomes and unites them into the new family.This ritual is often seen in second wedding ceremonies.

- Rose petals can be scattered around the bridal couple before the ceremony begins.

- Observing family cultural connections through rituals, for example, wearing kilts and pinning of a tartan sash on the bride

Elizabeth has compiled many examples of second wedding ceremonies and vows for your special occassion.

In a detailed way she covers your ceremony from start to finish.

If you are marrying for a second (or more) time and have children.........by celebrating with a personalized ceremony, you provide the substance, meaning and dignity required to help prepare you and your children for the next phase of your lives.

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